Microfiber Waffle Towel



Template can be found at: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13F_wrmrEH8N3IZ9HknuxuJHQeQXODRtH?usp=sharing

 Sublimation Process Settings

• Time: 40 seconds

• Temperature: 390° F

• Pressure: Light to Moderate

• Spread the towel out on a flat surface. • Place the image of the transfer paper onto the towel, image face down. Secure the transfer to towel with heat tape. • Place blowout paper onto the heat press platen. • Place the towel with attached transfer paper onto the blowout paper with transfer on top. • Adjust press pressure to light/medium. Close and press for allotted time. • When finished, open press and remove the towel. Remove the transfer paper and discard. 


Microfiber Fabric Care To ensure product sustainability, follow the recommended care noted below to enjoy years of use without losing the products’ unique attributes. • Microfiber products need to be washed on cold • Do not use bleach or anything with bleach in it. • Do not wash them with cotton or terry towels. They may be washed with other fabrics, but are best washed with other microfibers to maintain positive electronic charge for longer. • Fabric softener can be used in a low quantity, but is not recommended. The chemical components in fabric softener clog the microfibers, making them less effective. • Always use the “gentle” wash setting. • It is recommended that microfiber towels be air-dried at room temperature. Since they are breathable they will dry rather quickly. However, if this is not possible, we recommend drying them on low heat. • Do not use static sheets. This will cause the microfiber to lose its electromagnetic charge. 


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SUB-JPP-Waffle Towel
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